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Almost Royal – Renewed for 2nd Season


New York – December 4, 2014 – BBC AMERICA has picked up a second season of its first original comedy series Almost Royal. The (8×30) second season is produced by Burning Bright Productions with Clive Tulloh (Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man, The Dame Edna Treatment, High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman) as executive producer and Séamus Murphy-Mitchell (Bug, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross) as series producer.

In the first season of Almost Royal, Georgie (Ed Gamble) and Poppy Carlton (Amy Hoggart), the 57th and 58th in line to the throne, travelled all over the United States – from Texas to Michigan and California to New York – familiarizing themselves with this great country and its even greater citizens. Now, Georgie and Poppy return to continue their examination of American culture, exploring subjects like beauty, holidays, sport and Law And Order. Leaving no stone unturned, they will dig deep to push the boundaries of documentary journalism to show the world what America looks like from a British – almost royal – point of view.

Clive Tulloh, Executive Producer, said: “Burning Bright is delighted to have the opportunity to be making a second season of Almost Royal for BBC AMERICA. We are very proud to have made such an innovative comedy series that had found an audience on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Perry Simon, General Manager, BBC AMERICA added: “Poppy and Georgie are back. God help us all.”

Almost Royal is a BBC AMERICA original series produced by Burning Bright Productions and distributed by BBC Worldwide. The first season premiered on BBC AMERICA on June 21, 2014 and aired on E4 in the UK. Ahead of the series launch, BBC AMERICA collaborated with YouTube Space LA on Almost Royal Goes to YouTube, a web series featuring YouTube stars.


New Girl – Episode 4.10 – Review: “Girl Fight”

New Girl – Episode 4.10 – Review: “Girl Fight”

Hi everyone, it appears I was wrong in this week’s episode being the mid-season finale titled “LAXmas”, which occurs next week on December 9th. Last night’s episode dealt with Nick’s date with Tran’s granddaughter while Jess and Cece were caught in the middle of a feud preparing for model Nadia’s baby shower. Nadia is the same girl that Schmidt puts ever so eloquently as “the one who broke his heart, right after she broke his penis.” Winston was supposed to be studying for the police academy exam, but resorted to creating hanging snowflakes. Coach was the wiser of the group and realized the girls were about to have a huge blowout over a purse that neither said they were going to buy. Enter “the girl fight!”

Nick and Kai appear to be hitting it off after an awkward introduction, concluding their night with pizza and beer on the couch, but they stay on the couch for THREE days! Coach’s running gag of hitting the guys didn’t really fit his personality, but was an acceptable wake up from the usual “bro” comments. Jess’s emoji war with Cece was a strange start to the fight, but we all knew it was going to end in an actual fight. Winston uses his skills as a cadet and believes Kai is homeless. Sure enough, she is found sleeping in Nick’s bed underneath newspapers. The plot thickens.

As we head in to the final act, we all know things will culminate for both plot lines, Nick will obviously confront Kai with Winston in the apartment and Jess and Cece will have it out in front of their friends with Schmidt and Coach caught in the crossfire. The 20 years of fights was pretty intense. However, who would have thought the fight would spread to every woman at the baby shower? I’m not usually a fan of low brow comedy, but using the milk pumps as a weapon was surprisingly funny. I’m glad that Jess and Cece were able to hash everything out. Even though you may be friends for years, sometimes little issues swell up inside of you that you keep to yourself and eventually, you have to let them out. Ironically, Nick finds out Kai is a rich consultant…”Sweet baby Lebron James” Winston screwed up, but damn did he get the last punch. Tune in next Tuesday at 9PM when the gang gets stuck at the airport during their holiday travels on an all new New Girl.

Memorable Quotes:

“Let us not forget I had boobs for the first 19 years of my life.” – Schmidt

“Lena Dunham…I don’t know.” – Coach

“It’s like the month I didn’t wear a bra…I had no support, literally.” – Jess

About the Author – Edward Slothus
Edward Slothus is a young professional working in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. An avid pop-culture, film, and television fan, his favorite shows include LOST, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, New Girl, Outlander, and (for inexplicable reasons that go against all sanity) The Leftovers.

Ratings News – 4th December 2014

Today’s Early Overnight Ratings

This table shows the early overnight ratings. These ratings are normally adjusted later in the day when all the ratings have been consolidated to take into account any local preemptions and/or overruns. You can find all the final adjusted numbers in our Ratings Database. (See the About section below for details about ratings)

Tables being updated live. Please refresh for updates.

Early Ratings Analysis

The analysis below is based on the early household numbers and are NOT the same as the numbers that will be posted in the above table later. (See the About section below)

For more information on the Nielsen Ratings see this Wikipedia Entry.

NOTE: The opinions expressed here are NOT those of SpoilerTV but of the Author of this Article, Marc Berman.

Metered Market Wednesday Ratings
NBC Expected to Rule in the Key Demos

Wednesday 12/03/14

CBS 5.4/ 9
NBC 5.1/ 8
ABC 4.9/ 8
Fox 2.5/ 4
CW 2.0/ 3

-Percent Change from Year-Ago Evening – Wednesday 12/04/13:
CW: +11, ABC: + 9, CBS: – 2, NBC: – 4, Fox: -36

Note: The following labels are based on the household overnights and are subject to change given the availability of other pending data streams. These overnights are your first look at the ratings and a precursor to what could lie ahead. And we take into account other benchmarks including the expected demographic ratings, potential DVR usage, the critical acclaim (or lack of) and the social media presence.

“Christmas in Rockefeller Center” (NBC), “Survivor” (CBS), “The Middle” (ABC), “The Goldbergs” (ABC), “Arrow” (CW), “Modern Family” (ABC), “Black-ish” (ABC), Saturday Night Live: A Saturday Night Christmas” (NBC)

-Losers (excluding repeats):
“Red Band Society” (Fox), “The 100” (CW)

Ratings Breakdown:
CBS led this first December Wednesday in the household overnights, besting No. 2 NBC by three-tenths of a rating point (or six percent). But NBC opened the evening on a winning note care of annual special “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” at a 6.6 rating/10 share from 8-9 p.m. Comparably, this was up by five percent from the 6.3/10 in the overnights on the year-ago evening (and that 6.3 rating translated into 9.74 million viewers and a 2.3 rating/7 share among adults 18-49, based on the Live Plus Same Day data).

Next on NBC was special “Saturday Night Live: A Saturday Night Christmas” at a 4.3/ 7 from 9-11 p.m., which was 10 percent below the 4.8/ 8 for the year-ago special. And that translated into 7.42 million viewers and a 2.6/ 8 in the demo, based on the Live Plus Same Day data. In other words, this night of specials is expected to lead NBC to victory in adults 18-49 (and all the key young adult demo groups). And the “SNL” special was still a very valid option despite the minor overnight erosion.

Two episodes of veteran “Survivor” on CBS, meanwhile, were on the map with a 5.7/ 9 in the 8 p.m. hour (#2) and a 5.5/ 8 (#1t) from 9-10 p.m. And it led into a dominant 4.9/ 8 for full season renewed freshman drama “Stalker” at 10 p.m., which will likely pale in comparison to the competing “SNL” holiday special on NBC in the young adult demos.

SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to know what happened on “Survivor” last night, stop reading. While the decision to vote out in the second episode was, as expected, either Alec or Keith, why did Natalie, who was gunning for Jon, not target Jaclyn after Jon won immunity? Alec, Keith and potentially bratty Baylor might have joined her. Why is everyone letting Jon and Jaclyn run away with the season?

Tops on ABC Wednesday, as always, was “Modern Family,” which scored a 6.7/10 in the 9 p.m. half-hour. And that led into a 5.2/ 8 (#3) for “Black-ish,” the highest rated new sitcom this season, which outdelivered failed year-ago occupant “Super Fun Night” (3.5/ 6 on 12/04/13) by 49 percent in the overnights. Comparably, the 78 percent overnight retention for “Black-ish” out of “Modern Family” last night was considerably above the 51 percent for “Super Fun Night” in this time period last season.

Earlier in the evening on ABC was the compatible combination of sitcoms “The Middle” (#3: 5.0/ 8) and “The Goldbergs” (#4: 4.6/ 7) from 8-9 p.m. Year-to-year, “The Goldbergs” was 31 percent above failed former time period occupant “Back in the Game” (3.5/ 6 on 12/04/13). And it is expected to grow out of “The Middle” once again by two or three-tenths of a rating point among adults 18-49.

ABC closed the evening with three year-old drama “Nashville” at a typical 3.9/ 7 in the household overnights, which was equal to the year-ago evening.

Over at The CW, “Arrow,” featuring the conclusion of the crossover with “The Flash,” rose to a 2.7/ 4 (#5) from 8-9 p.m., which was 17 percent above the 2.3/ 4 on the year-ago evening. One night earlier, “The Flash” (featuring “Arrow”) scored a 3.0/ 5. Despite the improved lead-in support, sophomore “The 100” could only muster a 1.3/ 2 in the 9 p.m. hour (#5), which was only equal to failed year-ago time period occupant “The Tomorrow People.”

In what could be series-finale news, freshman “Red Band Society” on Fox scored a 2.2/ 3 at 9 p.m. (#4), which was 21 percent below tired lead-in “Hell’s Kitchen” (2.8/ 4 at 8 p.m.). The pair, on average, was 36 percent below year-ago occupant “The X Factor” (3.9/ 6 on 12/04/13), which is rumored to be potentially returning next season. Three additional episodes of “Red Band Society” have been produced, but there is no word when…or if…Fox will air them.

Source: Nielsen Media Research data

About the Daily Ratings

Each day (except Sunday) during the main TV Season we post the TV Ratings for the previous nights primetime shows for the major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC). Cable Network ratings will be added to the Ratings Database.

The first item that gets posted (normally around 2pm GMT) is the early overnight analysis based on the early household numbers (these are not the same as the Total Viewers and 18-49 Demo numbers that are posted later).

Next, if available, we will post the Top 25 Market 18-49 Ratings to give you a rough idea of the ratings to following.

Later on (normally between 4pm-5pm GMT) we post the official early overnight Total Viewers and 18-49 Demo numbers in the table above (We also where possible now post the 18-34 and 25-54 Demo Numbers).

Finally, later in the evening (10pm-11pm GMT) or the following day, the final adjusted ratings numbers are released, these are then posted in the Ratings Database. The Final Adjusted numbers are what we use for all our Renew/Cancellation Tables, Full Season Tables, Ratings Scorecards etc (see below). Friday’s Final Adjusted Ratings are normally available on the following Monday.

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MOVIES: New James Bond Film – Title and Cast Revealed + 1st Promotional Poster


– The 24th James Bond now has been named: Spectre
– The film is set to be released in the U.K. on Oct. 23 and on Nov. 6 in the U.S.
– Principal photography due to begin on Monday
– Skyfall’s director Sam Mendes as well as screenwriters John Logan, Neal Purvis, and Robert Wade have all returned for the new film
– Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux, Christoph Waltz Cast in New James Bond Movie ‘Spectre’
– Filming will take place at Pinewood Studios and on location in Rome, Austria and Morocco.

First Look Promotional Poster

SpoilerTV Cancellation Predictor Table 2014/15

Welcome to this years SpoilerTV Cancellation Predictor

Last year, each week, we updated our data (see the notes below about how we get our data) in order to see if we could predict which show(s) would be renewed or cancelled. As you can see from last years summary, we did pretty well. We’re hoping this year to make it even more accurate.

This index is by no means a 100% accurate guide about if your show is safe or in danger and should be seen as a bit of FUN.

NOTE: Until we have at least 3-4 weeks of data for each show that this table is not going to be very accurate and it will vary a lot each update. We’ll try to update the full Cancellation Table every couple of days as we get new data in.

Last Updated: 4th December – Includes Final numbers up to and including 2nd December 2014.

Recent Main changes
27th November – Red Band Society mark as cancelled
23rd November – Members Only marked as cancelled
15th November – The Millers marked as cancelled
7th November – Selfie marked as cancelled
31st October – A to Z and Bad Judge cancelled
25th October – Manhattan Love Story cancelled [LINK]
12th October – Includes the recent ABC Adjusted Numbers.
11th October – Includes Final numbers up to and including Thursday 9th October.
24th September – First Update now that we have some data in.
24th August – Hieroglyph and Emerald City marked as Cancelled.
14th August – Table Created

Can’t see the table? Check out our Troubleshooting Guide
Understanding the Table – Please Read
1) The Higher the Index Rating number the more likely a show is to get cancelled, lower numbers = safety.
2) This is an ongoing exercise that I hope to refine each week to make the index more accurate.
3) Only the major networks are included currently ie ABC/FOX/CW/CBS/NBC. And only for the main TV Season ie we don’t cover Summer Shows.
4) This chart is a prediction of all the shows using our own formula based on the viewing numbers, 18-49, and + 7 Numbers. These 3 factors are the main weighting of the Index number, however we also factor in things such as the Network they are on (eg CW shows get lower numbers), the day of week they air (eg Fridays are lower numbers), DVR Numbers and +7 and +3 numbers,DVD/Blu-Ray Sales,Production Costs, Cast Contracts/Availability, Syndication, online popularity such as streamed views and Torrents, Nielsen Online Ratings etc.
5) Shows still might not get renewed despite good numbers due eg a show coming to an end of run eg Parenthood is in it’s final season no matter what the ratings are etc or could be due to key cast wanting to leave after their contracts have expired. An example might be Supernatural if it’s two leads, Jared and Jensen wanted out, would Supernatural be renewed even if it had good numbers but no leads for the new season? etc
6) Remember Ratings are relative to ratings for other shows on the same network.
7) Shows that have been renewed for a New Season are marked in Blue
8) Shows with an Index over 2.70 are likely to be cancelled, 2.40-2.70 – in danger and less that 2.40 safe. Although shows nearer 2.40 are more in danger than a show with a lower index.
9) You can access this page via either the Start or Features Menu above or simply by Bookmarking it.

Here is a direct link to the full spreadsheet.

If you have any questions/suggestions, please don’t hesitate in asking in the comments below.

Full Ratings Tables 2014/15

Last Updated: 4th December 2014

Welcome to this Season Full Ratings Table where we try to collate all the Broadcast Ratings for the Primetime Shows that we cover.

You can see the 2013/14 Table here.

And don’t forget you can see the complete Ratings Database where you can compare shows, seasons and networks etc here.

– These tables are just for the Broadcast Networks (ABC, CBS, CW, FOX and NBC)
– The % drop/gain calculations are based on show average compared to their premiere episode.
– The tables will be updated when the previous days final adjusted numbers are released.
– The Tables uses the Final Adjusted Ratings Numbers

We hope you find this useful. We’ll be keeping these updated on a near daily basis. If you notice any missing shows/ratings or any other errors, please let me know in the comments.

This table won’t be very accurate until we have around 3-4 weeks worth of data.

18-49 Demo Ratings

By Total Demo Drop

By % Demo Drop

Top Average Demo

Full 18-49 Demo A to Z

Total Viewers

By Total Viewer Drop

By % Viewer Drop

Top Average Viewers

Full Total Viewers A to Z

Network Averages

Alternative TV Ratings Scorecard 2014/15

So here is the full table so far. Obviously shows with a low score are not doing very well and shows with a large score are doing very well and are more likely to be renewed.

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Reign – Terror of the Faithful – Review

Reign, “Terror of the Faithful,” was written by the team of Adele Lim and Melody Fox and was directed by Charles Biname. Once again a senior writer for the show, Lim, is paired with a writer new to the show. Fox’s other credits include RL Stine’s The Haunting Hour, Flash Gordon and Dragon Tales. Biname’s other credits include The Listener, Being Human, and Flashpoint. The episode brings the religious turmoil to a boil.

The show is doing a good job of showing the horrors of the religious persecution of the time. The episode begins with the Catholic Inquisitors horrifically cutting the lips off of people to enforce Francis’ (Toby Regbo) edict. Meanwhile, Francis has written to the Pope to try to have the Inquisitors called back to Rome. The Protestants lead by Jacob Rivell (Mac Fyfe) kidnap Conde (Sean Teale) because they feel that Francis may be sympathetic to their cause after all based on the letter. Rivell asks Conde, as a Protestant close to the King, to bring their Minister (Douglas Nyback) forward at court to plead for rebuilding their church.

Mary (Adelaide Kane) is supportive of rebuilding the church as it will imply that the Protestants have some permission for their worship from the crown. She sees it as a way to calm the unrest. As it turns out, both Conde and Rivell are shocked when the Minister demands the Inquisitors be expelled from France within three days or they will detonate a hidden bomb, killing many Catholics.

Francis is determined to torture the information out of the minister. Both Mary and Bash (Torrance Coombs) counsel to keep the threat quiet, and Mary and Conde consider whether the Protestants are trying to make a martyr out of the Minister. Once again, Francis tries to protect Mary and prevent her from acting. I really liked the opening scene in which Mary vowed to Francis that she would never give up on France or leave. Bash counsels Francis that if he continues to push Mary away, he may never win her back.

I’m finding this story arc annoying. If Francis would only tell Mary what was going on, as both Bash and now Lola (Anna Popplewell) have counselled him to do, she could help him. She’s proven herself to be strong and resourceful. I’m really failing to see what the upside to keeping her in the dark is at this point – other than needless drama between Francis and Mary. Frankly, I’d rather see them work together to vanquish their enemies.

There really was a lot going on in this episode. Conde is left to try to find the bomb – which turns out to be sawdust. However, the words Sangvis Flavat – blood will flow – are prophetic. Under torture, they learn that the Protestants lied to the Minister as well, but not before Francis has him gravely injured on the rack. Mary insists that Francis not make him a martyr, and once again, she has clearly seen what the ultimate plot is. Bash is shot while trying to take the Minister to the doctor at Epinee, and witnesses his own followers kill the Minister. Later his body is hung in the town square as if by the Inquisitors which starts a riot. Mary and Francis are barely whisked away by Conde. They end the episode even further apart than when the episode began.

Bash is particularly busy this episode and seems to have his finger in every plot. He helps with the Minister, he is the one to search Narcisse’s (Craig Parker) house, and he also appeals to Catherine (Megan Follows) on Claude’s (Rose Williams) behalf. I’m still not 100% sold on Williams and feel she is a bit too over the top in the scenes where she’s just supposed to be bratty, but she does some good work here in the more serious scenes with Follows.

Catherine has made a match with a Bavarian Count (Ron Lea) to have his son William (Taras Lesluk) marry Claude. Everyone seems to smell a rat. The Count has heard rumors about Claude’s virtue and insists on an examination to confirm it. Claude accuses Catherine of being punishing and cold. Bash advises Claude to submit to the examination and the marriage in the hopes that she can find happiness and love – which she is clearly never going to find from her mother at the French court. Yet Bash still goes to see Catherine to ask her not to force the marriage. He asks her why she’s forcing the marriage and points out that Catherine’s “motives are often concealed.”

Follows is excellent in this scene. I’m curious as to why she is suddenly hallucinating the twins. Is she going mad? Is it because of Henry’s loss? Is it the return of Claude? Regardless, as she talks to Bash, we see her eyes dart towards her bed – where she is seeing the twins. It’s made clear in the episode that the twins are threatening to do something to Clause if Catherine doesn’t send her away – though it remains unclear just what a ghost – or two – could actually do. Catherine tells Bash that she loves all her children and protecting them and keeping them safe is what drives her existence. We finally see the long list of all her children’s names in her Bible.

Bash clearly sees she is acting strangely, particularly when he turns to go and she is doing something on the bed. We see that she is tucking in the twins. The flashbacks would indicate that Claude killed the twins as babies by sticking roses off her dress down their throats because she was jealous of them. It was very interesting to see a young Catherine and compare how much she’s changed. We see her very happy with her twins and then really mourning the loss of her babies.

        Catherine does relent towards Claude during the examination and take her hand. Williams reaction here is excellent as Claude is clearly confused by this gesture of affection from Catherine. She appeals one more time to avoid the marriage, but Catherine is adamant that she needs to marry and leave the castle. In the end, Claude breaks the engagement by sitting on Narcisse’s lap in full view of her future father-in-law.

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed to see the Lola/Narcisse storyline wrap up so quickly. He manages to make an indecent proposal to Lola by finding her alone in the woods. However, it’s clear that Lola is intrigued by the possibility of having something of her own. She looks both interested and flattered when Narcisse suggests they meet in secret. I loved Narcisse suggesting there might be a very big wolf in the forest – to encourage her to accept his ride – and Lola responding, “You’re the wolf!” And was that a red cloak she had on??

I was glad to see that Lola, at least, isn’t about to keep secrets. She goes to Francis and tells him she knows he killed Henry and urges him to tell Mary. It’s only when Francis tells her that Narcisse threatened their son that Lola tells Francis she really did plant the cypher. Of course, Narcisse has already removed it. After his house is searched, Narcisse comes to Lola to tell her he’s saddened that she choose Francis over him. Once again, he does seem sincere when he says that he would never hurt her baby – it was a bluff. But then he adds that her son will always be in danger anyway because of who his father is.

Narcisse goes on to say that Lola will regret her choice as someday she will want the protection his friendship would have given her. She tells him that he’s a dangerous man. Parker is doing a really excellent job with the character. He was super creepy in the woods and at the end of the episode with Claude – Heaven help the court if he decides to make her his next bride! At the same time, I find myself hoping that part of him is sincere and was really interested in Lola.

However, the last scene of the episode has Francis taking refuge and solace with the baby – and Lola by extension. Francis tells her that the baby is “the only pure and joyful thing in my life.” Lola tells him she understands what he did and why he did it and that he’s a good man. She also says what he’s done proves he loves his wife. I hope that they aren’t going to try to have Lola come between Mary and Francis. Lola has proven herself to be a very loyal friend up until now. However, they also seem to be pushing Mary and Conde together.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think it’s time that Francis comes clean with Mary? Is Francis doomed to be ruled by Narcisse? Do you think he was at all sincere with Lola? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

About the Author – Lisa Macklem
I do interviews and write articles for the site in addition to reviewing a number of shows, including Supernatural, Arrow, Agents of Shield, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Forever, Defiance, Bitten, Glee, and a few others! Highlights of this past year include covering San Diego Comic Con as press and a set visit to Bitten. When I’m not writing about television shows, I’m often writing about entertainment and media law in my capacity as a legal scholar. I also work in theatre when the opportunity arises. I’m an avid runner and rider, currently training in dressage.