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CBS Orders 3 Pilots – Bryan Cranstons Sneaky Pete, For Justice & Medical Drama LFE

Written/co-executive produced by Paul Downs Colaizzo, LFE is described as a high-octane medical procedural centering on second-year residents at New York City’s top hospital as they attempt to balance their god complexes with their humanity. Dan Jinks executive produces.

Sneaky Pete hails from Sony Pictures TV, where Cranston has a first-look deal and Shore is under an overall pact. It centers on a thirty-something con man who, upon leaving prison, takes cover from his past by assuming the identity of a cellmate. “Sneaky Pete” then hides out from his debtors while working for his new “family’s” bail bond business. There he uses his considerable charm and criminal prowess to take down bad guys far worse than himself, partnering with a very attractive female “cousin” who has her suspicions about his real motives.

For Justice was based on James Patterson’s debut crime novel, The Thomas Berryman Number. The project hails from CBS Television Studios, James Patterson Entertainment, which has a first-look deal at the studio, and Tribeca.

The Edgar Award-winning book centers on a messianic hit man hired to assassinate the first black mayor of Nashville, triggering a desperate manhunt. Written by Balcer, For Justice will focus on the repercussions from the events in the novel in present day. It centers on an FBI agent who works in the Criminal Section of the Department of Civil Rights Division and finds herself caught between the radical family she was born into and the professional family she has chosen.

The series touches on the racial aspects of crime that have been stirring a national debate in the past few months with several high-profile cases, including the civil unrests in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting Michael Brown, a young black man, by a white cop, and in New York following the accidental death of Eric Garner at the hands of NYPD cops.

ABC Orders 7 Comedy Pilots – Delores & Jermaine, Untitled NBC Project, The 46 Percenters,The King 7B, The Brainy Bunch & More

Deadline have more in depth synopsis of the shows if you want to know more.

ABC on Friday night ordered a whopping seven comedy pilots, including the real-life story of a young Johnny Knoxville, an NBA rookie with translation issues and three couples who (shockingly) are staying married in America.

UNTITLED JOHNNY KNOXVILLE PILOT | Courtesy of narration from the man himself, Johnny Knoxville recalls life growing up in the “outlaw culture” of Knoxville, Tenn., and how it shaped him into one of the most notorious pranksters of our time. Written by Victor Fresco (Better Off Ted).

DELORES & JERMAINE | Based on comedian Jermaine Fowler’s real-life experience, this comedy finds lazy-yet-inventive millennial Jermaine moving in with his strict, football-obsessed grandmother, who also happens to be a former cop. Fowler will co-write with Daniel Chun (Trophy Wife, The Simpsons).

UNTITLED NBA PROJECT | A non-English speaking rookie player and his non-basketball speaking translator must work together to navigate life in the NBA.

THE 46 PERCENTERS | Three couples who have chosen to stay married — unlike the 54 percent of American couples that have divorced — share their unique stories.

THE KING OF 7B | After seeing (who he believe to be) his soulmate across the street, noted recluse Prentiss Porter decides to leave his apartment for the first time in 20 years. The Neighbors‘ Dan Fogelman will executive-produce.

UNTITLED JUDAH MILLER PROJECT | A Broadway starlet and her brainiac husband are thrust into the world of youth sports when they find themselves with an athletically gifted son. Judah Miller (Playing House) is on board to exec-produce.

THE BRAINY BUNCH | When Kip Mitchell returns home from the military and becomes a stay-at-h0me dad, he quickly realizes that he and wife Mona Lisa might have raised their kids to be too smart — and completely socially inept.


Last Nights TV – Open Discussion Thread – 30th January 2015

This thread/article is to provide a place where you can discuss all shows that aired last night that we do not have individual “What did you think of” Polls.

Some of tonight’s shows that you might like to discuss are:

Last Man Standing, Cristela, Blue Bloods, Shark Tank, Undercover Boss, Key and Peele or any other show that you’ve watched tonight.

So sound off in the comments below about what you thought of last nights TV.

Please note the comments could well contain spoiler discussion for any show that has aired tonight.
Please only use this thread for shows that do not already have their own threads. You should use the show/episode specific threads for discussion on those shows.