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Once Upon a Time – Season 4B – Lana Parrilla TVLine Interview + EPs Discuss Emma’s Future with Variety + EW Interview

Thanks to StephonJS for the heads up.

TVLINE | Of course, Maleficent, trapped beneath the library, has been vanquished twice before. Without saying how they do it, is it pretty convincing the way they bring that character back into the mix?
Yes. Absolutely. It’s very convincing. And it’s super cool. I saw a cut of it the other day, and I got chills throughout my entire body.

TVLINE | Are there any new kernels of information about Regina that we will learn through flashbacks?
In Episode 14 there’s a really great flashback with Regina and Mal, about how they met and first became friends. And we have something else coming up, down the road. In Episode 20, we have a surprise that you’ll see in a flashback.

TVLINE | If I’m not a Dalmatian, why should I be afraid of this Cruella de Vil (Victoria Smurfit)?
Because she’s not a threat to just animals. She has an evil streak that runs deeper than we know, and you’ll see that, I believe, in Episode 18, when you get her backstory.

TVLINE | Lastly, there’s another promo that suggests Emma might take a walk on the “dark side” at some point this season. Is that a case where Regina would swing into action and use her evil for good to prevent that?
I think Regina has learned a lot from her mistakes, and she doesn’t want to see Emma make the same mistakes, so she’s going to stand by her side and protect her as much as she possibly can to make sure she doesn’t cross over to the darkness.

The Dark One Gets Darker
Rumpelstiltskinis playing puppet-master to the Queens of Darkness, which certainly has the potential to backfire, but after Belle (Emilie de Ravin) banished him from Storybrooke and took possession of his dagger in the midseason finale, Kitsis described the imp as “a man who’s lost everything… He is going to do his Rumplest to get it all back, so you are going to see full Rumple… The Queens of Darkness believe they’re working with Rumple, but we all realize you work for Rumple.”

Identity Crisis
Emma won’t be the only one grappling with questions about who she really is — many of our core characters will face a crisis of conscience in the final batch of episodes. “What we really want to explore is, if you’ve done a bad thing, can you come back from it, can you become the person you want to be, even if you didn’t start out that way? And vice versa,” Kitsis teased. “What makes a hero and what makes a villain is a point of view. That, to us, was really interesting as opposed to just black and white, ‘I’m good, you’re bad,’ and ‘I’m a villain and I’m coming here to do villain stuff.’”

Life, Death and School Dances
We’ll see some familiar faces in the back half of the season, including the return of Eion Bailey’s August, who may be able to assist with Regina and Henry’s (Jared Gilmore) ongoing quest to find the author of the storybook. “If you’re searching for the author, they’re going to check with the guy who rode into town with the typewriter,” Kitsis teased. They declined to reveal how that might happen, though, given that August was previously transformed back into Pinocchio…

The duo also teased that, on a show so preoccupied with true love, there’s a chance that Henry might have his own opportunity for romance somewhere down the line. “I think there’s a junior high dance for him in the future,” Kitsis said. “I don’t know if it’ll be this half of the season, but absolutely.

Where does the premiere pick up?
ADAM HOROWITZ: We’re picking up a few months after the events of the winter finale. We’re going to be seeing how everything has settled in Storybrooke and maybe a little how it settled outside Storybrooke.
EDWARD KITSIS: We’re going to find out how Gold (Robert Carlyle) has taken his banishment. We’re going to find out in the flashback how he met and recruited these Queens of Darkness, this team of evil. All of it is going to lead to a couple of surprising revelations about Emma and a very dark secret that Snow and Charming have held onto that we didn’t realize they were keeping secret.

Are the dark secret and the revelation about Emma connected?
KITSIS: Absolutely.
HOROWITZ: The stuff that we’re planning to reveal comes out of stuff that we’ve already done. It’s building off the mythology we’re already created as opposed to going somewhere completely left field.
KITSIS: There are revelations you can have about people that they themselves don’t even know about. This pre-dates Emma’s birth.

Speaking of Robin Hood, he left Storybrooke. Are there other characters that might venture out of town despite the fact that they can’t come back?
HOROWITZ: There may be some exits and entrances. You’ll see some characters arriving in Storybrooke and you’ll see some characters departing as well. We think it’s fun to venture outside the confines of Storybrooke and see some of our characters in the real world.
KITSIS: We are absolutely going to be showing an entire episode of Robin Hood in New York City.

How will the hunt for the Author change now that Emma, Regina and Henry are teaming up?
KITSIS: You’re going to realize that other people are looking for the Author on the other side of the hero-villan spectrum. There is a sense of a race to find the Author. We are going to meet the Author at a certain point.
HOROWITZ: The identity of who he or she may be and what their background is is something that we do intend to reveal in the second half of the season and makes up a major part of the second half of the season.

Will we also get to see more of Hook’s backstory?
KITSIS: We’re going to see a Hook backstory, absolutely. We’re going to see him at his most pirate-y.

Will we see any new worlds in the second half of the season?
HOROWITZ: We’re going to be seeing some new worlds and some old worlds again.
KITSIS: We’re going to see Oz again and we’re going to see the Sherwood Forest and a few surprises