The Originals – Keepers of the House- Review

This week on The Originals, The Mikaelsons race to New Orleans so that Vincent can heal Hope. It works but only temporarily. Vincent and Elijah team up to find the missing children. Hayley and Marcel do the same and come across a werewolf who is involved in the scheme. She claims they started this as a way to fight Marcel for control of the city. She then takes her own life. Vincent and Elijah confront Will who is also a part of it. He escapes but they manage to track him to where the children are. They save the kids but Marcel and Klaus end up trapped in a circle with the Hollow. At the end of the episode, both Klaus and Marcel seem affected by it. Meanwhile, Freya and Keelin steal some of Marcel’s venom and seem to grow closer. 

Favorite pair: I have a new ship! I knew I sensed something between Freya and Keelin last week. They have a very interesting dynamic. Freya hasn’t really been herself lately. Even when she was watching Hope, she kept herself at a distance. She’s been hyper focused on her family’s safety for years now, I think by now it’s all she knows to do. And yet, Keelin seems to bring out the old Freya. Even got her to almost smile. But this is the CW so Keelin probably won’t live to see the end of the season. 

Favorite character: In only a few episodes Vincent has become one of my favorite characters. Out of everyone, he seems to be the most levelheaded. He tries his best to keep the peace between the Mikaelsons and Marcel while also doing what must be done to protect everyone. That included his best friend Will. Even while knowing how far gone Will was, he still did everything in his power to save him. 

Most useless character: Okay, what is the point of Sofya being in this season? We’re 4 episodes in and so far all we’ve seen her do is be Marcel’s eye candy. I expected her to catch Keelin breaking into the safe and some kind of fight scene, but nothing happened. Dear writers, use her or lose her. 

Character I’m worried about: After this week’s episode, I’m a bit concerned about Elijah’s storyline this season. I feeling like they’re preparing for him to go dark. His willingness to kill an innocent child and Vincent’s mention that the Hollow brings out your darkest feelings felt like signs to me. I think being in that dream world messed all of them up a lot more than they’re letting on. It’s funny because, Klaus, the character who I would expect to be the most damaged after the past 5 years seems to be the most stable right now. What the hell happened in that dream world? 

What’s next? So it seems that the Hollow has gotten hold of Marcel and Klaus. We still know very little about it actually is. My money is on some kind of godlike creature. It’s really the only thing I can think of. I’m assuming it’s trapped somewhere, kind of like Cade on TVD, and will be set free soon enough. I guess it’ll continue to go after Hope. If it likes children and power, it won’t be able to stay away from her. I do hope we’ll get to see what Hope can do soon. So far we’ve only really gotten a glimpse. 

Best quotes: Keelin: “Sorry, I don’t do bloodhound.” 

Elijah: “That’s quite the monster that you’ve got lurking in there. Do you want to see mine?” 

Hayley: “We have got to stop making it a habit of putting our family’s lives ahead of others’. I don’t want that for myself. I don’t want that for Hope. We have to do better.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode.